Dana Dragomir - unique and carismatic star with great success 

The first ever female professional Pan flute player in the world. A true master of her instrument, Dana is known as the Queen of the Pan flute. Dana Dragomir is the best selling instrumental artist in Scandinavia. She has sold close to 300.000 albums - in Scandinavia alone. Her records are released in many more countries, in some of them under the name of PanDana. Naturally, as a respected international star now residing in Sweden, she has played before the King and Queen of Sweden on several occasions.

Dana´s music is modern and innovative. New Adult Contemporary, a mixture of Pop, World and New Age music. Because the instrument is so complete and complex, she prefers to call it Pan Flute rather than Pan Pipes. Dana Dragomir is a unique artist. Good looking. Carismaticperformer on stage and TV. Last but not least: An excellent and genuine musician. Dana has 12 years of serious musical education to her credit, initially based on classical and folk music. (At the prestigeous George Enescu High School of Music in her home town of Bucharest. A school acting for the Government to nurture only the elite and most gifted music talents of Romania).

Dana is in great demand for live concerts. Standing ovations for her virtuosity. Dana´s shows are very special and highly acclaimed by reviewers. Not only does she play the Pan flute like a Goddess, she also sings backing vocals. Her body movements add up to a most sensuous experience. This applies to Dana performing with big symphony orchestras as well as concerts with modern four-piece electric bands.


"Fluty Romances" was the first album, including the hit "Mio My Mio" written by Benny Andersson & Björn Ulveaus of ABBA fame. Gold record, close to Platinum. The album was Dana´s immediate key to success. Quickly picked up for release in Germany and many more European countries plus Asia.

"Demiro" is the second Gold album, including the hit "Chiquitita" - yes, the ABBA song. The track "Into the Light", written by Dana herself, was discovered by radio stations in California and stayed on their playlists for more than 18 months.

"PanDana" for EMI was recorded in Germany and Sweden - at the famous Cheiron Studios founded by legendary Denniz Pop. Dana worked with Denniz and Max Martin plus the very same producers and songwriters who create all the hits for Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears. They have enjoyed world-wide success with Celine Dion, Ace of Base, E-Type and many many more. Max Martin even sings on Dana´s album.

"Pan is Alive and Well" is Dana´s latest album. Produced by Peter Grönvall, a successful composer and brilliant producer. Peter also happens to be the son of Benny Andersson of ABBA fame. You can easily hear the inheritance... Yes, it is instrumental. Yes, it is very commercial. Big modern sounds in a full pro-duction with orchestra and strings recorded at the famous Polar Studios in Stockholm. The album title "Pan is Alive and Well" suggests that one of the oldest instruments in the world is up-to-date with the sounds of the 21st Century. The God Pan from ancient Greek mythology created the Pan flute - and his spirit still lives on. Just listen to the album to understand. And please note: The lead voice on all backing vocals belong to Dana herself!





Fluty Romaces

Pan Is Alive & Well




Mio my Mio- Dana Dragomir


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