Gabriel Yared is a Lebanese-French composer, best known for his work in French and American cinema.

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, his work in France included the scores for Betty Blue and Camille Claudel. He later began working with American filmmakers, winning an Oscar for his score for The English Patient and a nomination for The Talented Mr. Ripley and Cold Mountain. In 2004, Yared's score to the movie Troy, with a song by Tanja Tzarovska, was rejected due to the poor reception it received in a test screening. It was replaced with one by James Horner.

Yared was born 1949 in Lebanon and lived there up to its eight tenth lebensjahr. With four years it visited a Jesuitenschule in Beirut. Yared came for the first time in the age of seven years by its father with the music into contact, which the musical talent of its son recognized and gave it to the Obhut of a akkordeon-teacher.  Later it its music teacher dismissed two years, since he had taught Yared of everything, which he knew. Yared began itself thereupon at the age of eleven years with music theory to argue and a half hour took weekly to piano instruction.  Fast Yared recognized that he had rather a talent for composing and "vintages" from music and with its know-eats over a multiplicity of music instruments began he music to compose.  Three years later Yareds piano teacher and straight only 14 years died old transferred it the place of its deceased Mentors than organist to the Saint Joseph University to Beirut. In the large musical library of the Jesuitenschule which it, was it visited it possible the works of the large composers such as Johann Sebastian brook to study Robert Schumann and Franz Liszt likewise like Dietrich Buxtehude, Johann Pachelbel, Maurice Duruflé, Olivier Messiaen, Jean Langlasi, Charles Charles-Marie Widor and César franc. The however work enabled to compose it in addition further music, among other things with 14 years a first Piano Walzer.

Since Yareds parents did not welcome a musical career for their son, it began the universitaere study of the jurisprudence after its graduation, where it had received philosophy instruction in French among other things and also in Arab.  It continued beside its musical studies nevertheless.  In Lebanon it was to be arrived heavily at note sheets, fortunately sometimes purchased Yareds father on its journeys abroad which for its son.  Yared had belonged never of Sergei Prokofjew or Béla Bartók and knew hardly Claude Debussy or Maurice Ravel, nevertheless was it in the situation of 1966 a mehrstimmigen Refrain to a poem of Paul Valéry to be composed, as well as a piano Trio in the year 1968, a piece that piano, violin and cello as music instruments contained. In this time Yareds musical Mentoren were predominant the Beatles, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye.  It practiced further at the church organ of the Saint Joseph University and gave two concerts. After Gabriel Yared at the age of twenty years had decided for it the study of the jurisprudence to give up and for a musical career to decide (although he had never received academic music training), he traveled himself 1969 to France.  There it was to be visited it possible as a not registered student at the Ecole normal one de Musique the instruction of Henri Dutilleux and Maurice Ohana. 

Dutilleux surprised Yareds gift and animated it in addition the rules of the music composition to learn. During Yared a carte desanove (Brazil equivalent to American Green Card) request over complete after Brazil pull, decide he for a few day in the Lebanon travel, in order its parents good-bye wiedersehen say.  But the coincidence wanted it that it decided after a short stay in Paris completely in France to stay.  He lived together during this time with that musicians Gorges and Michel Costa. To seize together with the brothers tried Yared as Songwriter foot.  For the first time it directed an orchestra in this time also that of caper instruments, blowing chapel and choir consisted.  Around its friends to support it considered drums, bass and percussion instruments in its orchestra also.  The musicians with those Yared in the Aufnahmestudio, was enthusiastically of its talent as a conductor and already soon had he co-operated a so good reputation that he directed in the next six years daily two to three orchestras and his work came as a music composer into oblivion.  1979 had Yared as an orchestra conductor already a so good leumund that he terminated its career a time long over with Julien Falk, a former teacher at the Conservatoire de Paris to give instruction.  After co-operation with the Costa brothers came to an end, Gabriel Yared for Johnny Hallyday and Sylvie Vartan, Enrico Macias, Charles Aznavour and Gilbert Bécaud worked.  From 1974 to 1980 and learned he wrote, seized chances and tested orchestra and rhythmic combinations.  With the money which earned Yared, bought it itself classical note sheets and worked further as a music composer.

In order as he says not of the orchestra to be enslaved, decided he, to try 1976 also as Songwriter.  He co-operated with Françoise Hardy, for which he produced the album star that rhythmic direction, orchestra work, singing tuning, Songauswahl and Mixing contained.  He co-operated further with artists such as Michel Jonasz, Michel Fugain and Mina.  In this time it took distance from the conductor role and put more value on composing, kindist Directing, and producing. He worked strengthened for the advertisement and composed many radio and TV Jingles. 1980 it created the Jingle to the TF1-Nachrichten. In addition it took up also a music album, on which it interpreted pieces of singing.  The introvertierte Gabriel Yared was not to be become created actually for it film composer, as it put out in interviews. He is not a film expert and no man of the pictures, in addition do not go he into the cinema.  Yared is strongly short-sighted and for this reason was it a hard time for it the Allgegenwaertikeit of the picture on the canvas to be resisted. As a composer he found the pictures in itself inspired, by the words and to the magic of his imagination. Nevertheless it composed 1975 the music for the film measures O Ginie ou les hommes fleurs the Belgian director Samy Pavel.  Its first real experience with the medium film it had however with the pieces which it 1979 for Jean Luc Godards saves itself, who can (the life) wrote.  When Yared with Françoise Hardy co-operated, their married man Jacques Dutronc on Yared became attentive. It was for a role in Godards film in the discussion and erwaehrnte Yareds name, when Godard looked for a classical musician, who should develop music variations topic already which is certain. Yared met with Godard, which four clocks from an opera Amilcare Ponchielis, had fascinated La Gioconda.

 Yared should make the music passage, directs and variations over again of it for Godards film to work. Yared was however averse from this commitment and answered to the French director, he was to buy a Showbusiness Guide, in which he could look up the contact address of a conductor.  Strangely enough Godard at the Konversation favour had found and contacted Yared for a second meeting.  Here Godard did not betray again the core elements of the film, but Gabriel Yared wrote the film music on basis to its that they had agreed upon already before, without the Yared only one scene of the film to face got.  This first experience considered Yared meaningful, since it accompanied with its function and so also justified.  For it it is to be fixed on too many elements a healthy attitude when composing and/or not be overwhelmed not by the pictures, which increases the liberties of the creation and fantasy.  From 1979 to 1983 it maintained these basic rules with a certain Sturrheit. Gabriel Yared only pre-worked in this time at its compositions and during the trick, rarely thereafter.  1987 it became for the film music in Jean Pierre Mockys agent Trouble - murder by mistake for the César, which nominates French equivalent to the OSCAR.  In the next two years he was nominated again and won the film price 1989 for the compositions in Bruno Nuyttens Kuenstlerbiographie Camille Claudel. In the course of the time Yared in its function became more flexible. 

He decided to dedicate itself before turning beginning of a film to his film music, before he had to orient himself at any existing pictures, as well as increased after rotations.  It practiced this method with Jean Jacques Annauds film of the lovers, for whom it won its second César and still more with Anthony Minghellas film pos the English patient, with whom he celebrated 1997 the to date largest success of its career and for his film music among other things with the OSCAR, which golden Globe and a Grammy were distinguished. With its work Yared does not have a specific method no fixed system.  Its work varies, depending upon topic, dependent on the individuals.  Importantly for the film composer it is to be read the film script, the relationship with the director, as well as gradually the relationship with the Cutter and sound mixer. Although it became more flexible thereby, it approaches still rigoros topic, its compositions and his harmonious research on. This function is relatively time-consuming and in such a way granted itself a film composer one year, sometimes even longer for its music pieces.  A director that similarly works is Anthony Minghella, which Yared after the large success of the English patient also for its two following productions the talentierte Mr. Ripley (1999) and on the way after Cold Mountain (2003) obligated.  For both films Gabriel Yared was nominated for the OSCAR in the category best film music, for its work on on the way after Cold Mountain won it 2004 the British film price BAFTA again.



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Cold Mountain

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The English Patient

The Talent Of Mr Ripley

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Gabriel Yared - An Angel Falls



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